We are all Human
08.12.2014 12:00

It might seem as obvious when you put it into a plain sentence. But I happen to think, that it is because we have mostly forgotten it. It's thought to be so obvious in this world, that we are all humans. So much in fact, that we would nevert doubt for others to think in another way. But having looked and analysed the politics of this world, I always come to the same conclusion. That when people put their benefit, and their everything above others, it is an anti-human act.

Then we have the other group that would say that they support human trait, because they put others on top of them. So that they could serve the people, and have a small ego for themselves.

Well, that doesn't sound right to me either! I think we need balance in this world, we all need to be human. Perhaps looking into the meaning of the phrase itself would help. Because now it's starting to sound awful a lot like we all of the same species. Or what we should just accept our mistakes.

It's not just that at all in my opinion. Being human, means that everyone has needs. Everyone needs to survive and to interact in the planet. We need love, food, care, fun, laughs. That's a lot we need. All that would be necessary in my opinion, would be to make it a collective mission. Making yourself feel important has to be the starting point. Then you can start to observe the people around you and how you can work together.

At least, that is my dream of how the world should work! <3

Agate Fortier


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