Tripadvisor & Equality on Internet
24.10.2014 12:12

The title is quite funny, because I don't really believe that there is such a thing, especially on the internet. But as human nature is simply so, people tend to look for the quality and fareness. But Internet is now filled with business and that makes people fight very hard against each other, without even much knowing others faces. The internet at times, is a very anonymous places. You might know the names and the owners, but in the end the face is hidden deep inside the web site itself. It's better to go and do some shopping for good values elsewhere than the internet.

A recent good example I came across to, is Tripadvisor. It's a pretty crazy place actually with people depending on reviews to make decisions like where to stay and so on. I kind of find this review business quite rediculous, yet probably the biggest travel business website completely depends on them.

One must understand that fake Tripadvisor reviews, are a reality that has existed and will continue to exist for the times to come. There will be no peace within that travel market, I will guarantee. So when one thinks about "ethical choices", one should look further than doing "good". These huge corporations are aware of the realities, which they will deny in an instant. There is no such thing, as a harmonius internet society. People can and do abuse the system whenever possible. And it's not just because it's possible, but because it's just part of the game.

A friend of mine had problems communicating with Tripadvisor, as often it is like talking with a wall. But he found out that fake reviews were so easy to do, and extremely benefitial. Now he recommends them to all his colleagues. And he is not the only one. Knowing the situation second hand, but well I can say that he is doing the right thing. Even though the reviews are fake, he is briging quality to the business. Where others, are blatantly abusing the system.

I guess my motto could be. Think ethical? Think again! :)

Thanks for reading.


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