Peacefull Christmas Chinese Theater Acrobats at Chaoyang
12.12.2014 20:06

Nihao, nihao! Previously I talked about the Chinese, who share their little and what I really thought was amazing about these people. I gave an example about the acrobatics that I was so touched by their skill, diligence and purity that they put up with the performance. Well, all this was just hear-talk. I had never actually visited that show itself, even though I had heard so much great things about it. Because of my work, I get to visited big cities around the world but unfortunately most of the time I am simply too busy to do anything fun. Instead I try to absorb from the people, what they think and have experienced.

Looking at the world from the peace perspective, it was time I had a talk with my boss. I told him that because it was christmas, I should definitely get a few days off in Beijing. To my surprise, he agreed instantly. And one of the first things in my mind was to visit the acrobatic show, known as "Chaoyang Theater Beijing" which highlights the history of Chinese acrobatics in a grand way.

I wanted to peace out, with a show that would melt me into the seat. Not only did I get that but I later went to see the acrobats as well. As someone who loves people and communicating, learning and absorbing everything from others. The meeting with these brilliant performers was probably one of the most amazing things about this whole experience. Little did I know, that they would be the most kind and peace loving people I could met. Many of whom, live far away from the buzzing Chaoyang District where the theater is located. With businesses and high buildings all around, it's no wonder they cannot live there.

The other thing that was striking to me, was that they loved touching me. Giving me hugs, smiling with such happiness that is hard to see. After a hard, hard show.. which I don't know how many times they had performed on that same day.. they were smiling with happiness.

So my ultimate question to them was, what is happiness for you? And they said that caring for their parents and closed ones was the most important thing. This confirmed exactly what I had been hearing about all these years. For those who misunderstand China, it may seem like a cold place. But those who get inside that circle of warm love and friends, are for a surprise. Because the love is so abundant that it overflows. That is, true love in my humble opinion.

So, want to see some love. I say again, and will say a third time: go to see Chaoyang Theater in the capital city of China. It could be the most hardwarming experience you have had. Oh, and about the acrobatic show itself.. it was thrilling and amazing. These people are the most talented if not in the world, in the whole of China. 

Check it out!

Agate Fortier

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