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Everything is about attitude. It's where us mindfull human being have to start. Life is full of exitement and show, but the ultimate outcome of our action depends on the very essense of our being and our thoughts. Go out, and find a part of nature that's close to you. It's only a matter of remembering, since no being can live without nature. For some, it's birds, for some it's mountains and for others it could be meditation or ancient martial arts. The possibilities are endless in getting connected with nature, and that's what makes life so exiting!

Once you have found your thing, don't forget it. Remind yourself of it every once in a while, go and meet it, experience it.. but don't force it. Do it only for your enjoynment. Once we start caring for this world out of pure pleasure.., the world will be saved!

After attitude, comes what you do with it. For doing anything in this world, you need the right tools! First thing is to understand is that right tools are different for everyone. That's why everybody has to look for the tools that fit them by themselves.

But where does one start looking for these tools? That's where the purpose of this website comes in.. the key is in sharing, as in caring for others. We need examples, we need to see brave individuals come out with their tools, show them and explain them. Not so that others could follow them, but so that others could be insired by them!

My Peace Blog

Nihao, nihao! Previously I talked about the Chinese, who share their little and what I really thought was amazing about these people. I gave an example about the acrobatics that I was so touched by their skill, diligence and purity that they put up with the performance. Well, all this was just hear-talk. I had never actually visited that show itself, even though I had heard so much great things about it. Because of my work, I get to visited big cities around the world but unfortunately most of the time I am simply too busy to do anything fun. Instead I try to absorb from the people, what they think and have experienced.

Looking at the world from the peace perspective, it was time I had a talk with my boss. I told him that because it was christmas, I should definitely get a few days off in Beijing. To my surprise, he agreed instantly. And one of the first things in my mind was to visit the acrobatic show, known as "Chaoyang Theater Beijing" which highlights the history of Chinese acrobatics in a grand way.

I wanted to peace out, with a show that would melt me into the seat. Not only did I get that but I later went to see the acrobats as well. As someone who loves people and communicating, learning and absorbing everything from others. The meeting with these brilliant performers was probably one of the most amazing things about this whole experience. Little did I know, that they would be the most kind and peace loving people I could met. Many of whom, live far away from the buzzing Chaoyang District where the theater is located. With businesses and high buildings all around, it's no wonder they cannot live there.

The other thing that was striking to me, was that they loved touching me. Giving me hugs, smiling with such happiness that is hard to see. After a hard, hard show.. which I don't know how many times they had performed on that same day.. they were smiling with happiness.

So my ultimate question to them was, what is happiness for you? And they said that caring for their parents and closed ones was the most important thing. This confirmed exactly what I had been hearing about all these years. For those who misunderstand China, it may seem like a cold place. But those who get inside that circle of warm love and friends, are for a surprise. Because the love is so abundant that it overflows. That is, true love in my humble opinion.

So, want to see some love. I say again, and will say a third time: go to see Chaoyang Theater in the capital city of China. It could be the most hardwarming experience you have had. Oh, and about the acrobatic show itself.. it was thrilling and amazing. These people are the most talented if not in the world, in the whole of China. 

Check it out!

Agate Fortier


It might seem as obvious when you put it into a plain sentence. But I happen to think, that it is because we have mostly forgotten it. It's thought to be so obvious in this world, that we are all humans. So much in fact, that we would nevert doubt for others to think in another way. But having looked and analysed the politics of this world, I always come to the same conclusion. That when people put their benefit, and their everything above others, it is an anti-human act.

Then we have the other group that would say that they support human trait, because they put others on top of them. So that they could serve the people, and have a small ego for themselves.

Well, that doesn't sound right to me either! I think we need balance in this world, we all need to be human. Perhaps looking into the meaning of the phrase itself would help. Because now it's starting to sound awful a lot like we all of the same species. Or what we should just accept our mistakes.

It's not just that at all in my opinion. Being human, means that everyone has needs. Everyone needs to survive and to interact in the planet. We need love, food, care, fun, laughs. That's a lot we need. All that would be necessary in my opinion, would be to make it a collective mission. Making yourself feel important has to be the starting point. Then you can start to observe the people around you and how you can work together.

At least, that is my dream of how the world should work! <3

Agate Fortier


The title is quite funny, because I don't really believe that there is such a thing, especially on the internet. But as human nature is simply so, people tend to look for the quality and fareness. But Internet is now filled with business and that makes people fight very hard against each other, without even much knowing others faces. The internet at times, is a very anonymous places. You might know the names and the owners, but in the end the face is hidden deep inside the web site itself. It's better to go and do some shopping for good values elsewhere than the internet.

A recent good example I came across to, is Tripadvisor. It's a pretty crazy place actually with people depending on reviews to make decisions like where to stay and so on. I kind of find this review business quite rediculous, yet probably the biggest travel business website completely depends on them.

One must understand that fake Tripadvisor reviews, are a reality that has existed and will continue to exist for the times to come. There will be no peace within that travel market, I will guarantee. So when one thinks about "ethical choices", one should look further than doing "good". These huge corporations are aware of the realities, which they will deny in an instant. There is no such thing, as a harmonius internet society. People can and do abuse the system whenever possible. And it's not just because it's possible, but because it's just part of the game.

A friend of mine had problems communicating with Tripadvisor, as often it is like talking with a wall. But he found out that fake reviews were so easy to do, and extremely benefitial. Now he recommends them to all his colleagues. And he is not the only one. Knowing the situation second hand, but well I can say that he is doing the right thing. Even though the reviews are fake, he is briging quality to the business. Where others, are blatantly abusing the system.

I guess my motto could be. Think ethical? Think again! :)

Thanks for reading.


When the planet is at risk of pollution, war, money and politics.. this means, that peace is always at stake being measured by different "important" people around the world to see what is the ultimate destiny of this world. But leaving it up to those people who are higher than you doesn't sound like much fun.

While this is no solution to such issues, one of the best ways to go forward is acting out. This is how it works in Beijing:

You call up your discount theatre tickets, go there well in advance to pick them up and go to watch an amazing show of opera. It doesn' really matter if you think so or not, but it is a well known fact that Chinese opera has the power to transform lives. That's why it's essential that you get English subtitles for the show, as in the case of Liyuan Theatre.

What is this transformation you ask? It's a transformation of being loud, proud and confident. To act out, and to say things as they are. Ultimately this Chinese spirit has been "acted out", in these fantastic Opera plays. No wonder the Chinese government needs to keep the string tight on these people.. imagine if they would have democracy. They would probably be the most world transforming nation in the world. Now that's something scary to think about, or happy!

The only thing that is stopping it, is that people can still watch opera as they please, and also the fact that such a transformation would lead to in transfer of power. And you can be sure, that those who have gained their high statuses in Beijing are going to try and take that power until the grave.

Just think about it! :) Agate <3


In general China is a very peaceful country. Perhaps because of it's large size, it has enough work on keeping peace within the own country with many different ethnical backgrounds. But I think it's pretty much guaranteed that the Chinese will not be attacking any neighboring countries any time soon.. but it's forseeable that defence will strengthen day by day.

One peace loving project in China is The Legend of Kung Fu Show which has seen great effort in not only introducing Chinese culture to foreigners.. in and outside of the Chinese mainland. But also played an important role in bringing nations together though the love of non other than, kung fu.

Kung fu refers to any kind of ancient martial art from China. There are many, some are a mix of others, some are more pure in origin. But what's sure is that there are loads of martial art fans all around the world. By going to perform in other countries, this magnificent show has been able to bring people closer to get to know the origins of China.

And that's pretty much what I think is the essence of peace between two countries, like for example China and India. When people find something they are truly interested in from another culture. That creates natural communication and connection. When it's natural, it's beautiful and has a profound effect.

In the case of Kung Fu, this legend of something that will live in peoples hearts all around the world. Giving good memories about China and not just negative news and all that we are getting sick off!

Love!! --Agate Fortier


Welcome to the second edition of peace with the planet. While it may not seem from the outside that there is much of it in the world. You just need to look at yourself, and there it is if you allow it to yourself. That's where peace originates from and starts to spread automatically.

Previously I talked about the Chinese who share with the little they have. However they do have their fault, which is the common inability to reflect their thoughts. It's one of the worst enemies or afterall, also enemies are your friends because they are a part of you.. but a problem to solve however, called ignorance.

Not just the Chinese, a lot of people in this world are ignorant. And one of the best ways to combat it, is being open and talk.. say things out load. Bring awareness into not just yourself but to everyones life. Interestingly enough the Chinese do have one of the biggest potentials for developing this skill.

In that since, a society like Japan is going the oposite direction because they start with being kind and prefer to think of others first instead of just being open about their feelings.. and what they think.

How to find balance in all this? Time will tell since peace is something that has to increase if the novety factory keeps on increasing as well.


Indeed sharing is caring. It's funny how things seem opposite in this world, how we have forgotten about sharing because we have so much. And how countries that have so little are sharing because it's all they have.

Some countries changed some countries are still battling to keep these values. One such combating country is China. I have seen both the moth generous people and the most greedy people in the world, all in the same country. This can be explain with the simple reason that there is a huge gap between the poor and the rich. Which everyone knows of course.

Take for example the famous acrobatic show in beijing which has created a pool of money for the owners, managers as well as the tourism the surrounds it. This show is extremely skillfuly performed and made, known as one of the best in Beijing.

However the acrobats are not being paid much and they have to perform these incredible feats, twice a day, everyday of the year! Now that would be called abuse in the western world. In china, it's called opportunity.

These low salary acrobats are in no way propesting against it, but seeing the situation as hopeful and away to support themselves and their family. For this they are extremely thankful.

But their views on life are not that extraordinary, they just want to care for their family and make a living. And to share this low salary is no problem at all for them.

Thus, those who give but think they are greater than others are not really helping at all. But in the case of these performers, you can see through sincerity. This kind of action ultimately leads to the caring of this world.

If you have an opportunity, go and support these guys. I highly recommend it!

See here to find the Chaoyang Theatre venue in Beijing. Thanks for readin! --Agate Fortier


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