How Opera Fantastic Transformation Works
27.05.2014 10:20

When the planet is at risk of pollution, war, money and politics.. this means, that peace is always at stake being measured by different "important" people around the world to see what is the ultimate destiny of this world. But leaving it up to those people who are higher than you doesn't sound like much fun.

While this is no solution to such issues, one of the best ways to go forward is acting out. This is how it works in Beijing:

You call up your discount theatre tickets, go there well in advance to pick them up and go to watch an amazing show of opera. It doesn' really matter if you think so or not, but it is a well known fact that Chinese opera has the power to transform lives. That's why it's essential that you get English subtitles for the show, as in the case of Liyuan Theatre.

What is this transformation you ask? It's a transformation of being loud, proud and confident. To act out, and to say things as they are. Ultimately this Chinese spirit has been "acted out", in these fantastic Opera plays. No wonder the Chinese government needs to keep the string tight on these people.. imagine if they would have democracy. They would probably be the most world transforming nation in the world. Now that's something scary to think about, or happy!

The only thing that is stopping it, is that people can still watch opera as they please, and also the fact that such a transformation would lead to in transfer of power. And you can be sure, that those who have gained their high statuses in Beijing are going to try and take that power until the grave.

Just think about it! :) Agate <3


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