Chinese Share With Little
02.02.2014 22:19

Indeed sharing is caring. It's funny how things seem opposite in this world, how we have forgotten about sharing because we have so much. And how countries that have so little are sharing because it's all they have.

Some countries changed some countries are still battling to keep these values. One such combating country is China. I have seen both the moth generous people and the most greedy people in the world, all in the same country. This can be explain with the simple reason that there is a huge gap between the poor and the rich. Which everyone knows of course.

Take for example the famous acrobatic show in beijing which has created a pool of money for the owners, managers as well as the tourism the surrounds it. This show is extremely skillfuly performed and made, known as one of the best in Beijing.

However the acrobats are not being paid much and they have to perform these incredible feats, twice a day, everyday of the year! Now that would be called abuse in the western world. In china, it's called opportunity.

These low salary acrobats are in no way propesting against it, but seeing the situation as hopeful and away to support themselves and their family. For this they are extremely thankful.

But their views on life are not that extraordinary, they just want to care for their family and make a living. And to share this low salary is no problem at all for them.

Thus, those who give but think they are greater than others are not really helping at all. But in the case of these performers, you can see through sincerity. This kind of action ultimately leads to the caring of this world.

If you have an opportunity, go and support these guys. I highly recommend it!

See here to find the Chaoyang Theatre venue in Beijing. Thanks for readin! --Agate Fortier


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