Another Edition of Planet Peace
20.03.2014 14:24

Welcome to the second edition of peace with the planet. While it may not seem from the outside that there is much of it in the world. You just need to look at yourself, and there it is if you allow it to yourself. That's where peace originates from and starts to spread automatically.

Previously I talked about the Chinese who share with the little they have. However they do have their fault, which is the common inability to reflect their thoughts. It's one of the worst enemies or afterall, also enemies are your friends because they are a part of you.. but a problem to solve however, called ignorance.

Not just the Chinese, a lot of people in this world are ignorant. And one of the best ways to combat it, is being open and talk.. say things out load. Bring awareness into not just yourself but to everyones life. Interestingly enough the Chinese do have one of the biggest potentials for developing this skill.

In that since, a society like Japan is going the oposite direction because they start with being kind and prefer to think of others first instead of just being open about their feelings.. and what they think.

How to find balance in all this? Time will tell since peace is something that has to increase if the novety factory keeps on increasing as well.

Chinese Share With Little


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