And The Legend Was Born
12.04.2014 11:28

In general China is a very peaceful country. Perhaps because of it's large size, it has enough work on keeping peace within the own country with many different ethnical backgrounds. But I think it's pretty much guaranteed that the Chinese will not be attacking any neighboring countries any time soon.. but it's forseeable that defence will strengthen day by day.

One peace loving project in China is The Legend of Kung Fu Show which has seen great effort in not only introducing Chinese culture to foreigners.. in and outside of the Chinese mainland. But also played an important role in bringing nations together though the love of non other than, kung fu.

Kung fu refers to any kind of ancient martial art from China. There are many, some are a mix of others, some are more pure in origin. But what's sure is that there are loads of martial art fans all around the world. By going to perform in other countries, this magnificent show has been able to bring people closer to get to know the origins of China.

And that's pretty much what I think is the essence of peace between two countries, like for example China and India. When people find something they are truly interested in from another culture. That creates natural communication and connection. When it's natural, it's beautiful and has a profound effect.

In the case of Kung Fu, this legend of something that will live in peoples hearts all around the world. Giving good memories about China and not just negative news and all that we are getting sick off!

Love!! --Agate Fortier


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